Islamabad” The election commission of Pakistan is in no mood to let loose of the violation of electoral code of conduct issue and it has sent fresh notices to both Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran khan and PML (N) MNA Hamza Shahbaz to submit their replies on the violation issue.

A four member bench of ECP headed by chief election commission Sardar Raza today took up for hearing the electoral code of conduct violation petitions filed against Imran Khan and Hamza Shahbaz .

During the course of hearing, the Counsels of both leaders took the same plea that their clients didn’t violate electoral code of conduct during the polls.

 Counsel for Imran khan, Naeem Bukhari said that “aik hi saf may kharay ho gay Mehmood u Ayaz” (Sultan and slave  stood side by side in same line ).

Naeem Bukhari took the plea that “we had received two notices and we had given replies of both of them. Our reply is the same what we have earlier filed. We have been alleged that Imran Khan had visited the respective constituency. But Imran Khan is the member of national assembly not a functionary of Punjab government. He didn’t violate code of conduct by polls. Imran Khan was running a campaign against corruption.

The counsel for  Hamza Shahbaz argued  that it was not laid down in code of conduct of general elections that there was any restriction on MNAs for visiting  constituencies. It is mentioned in the code of conduct that these rules will be applicable to by polls. 

He said Hamza didn’t receive any notice from ECP and the notice which was sent to Hamza was sent on wrong address.

Chief election commission remarked that do hold public meetings but these should not be held for  15 to 20 days because visit of an MPA or MNA in a constituency of by polls can influence the polls.

ECP has sought written replies from both of the leaders with regard to violation of electoral code of conduct.