Many people use marriage web sites for searching and tricking girls in such cases. K.V. Ratna Reddy from Andhra Pradesh has not one or two , not even three but yes a staggering 350 girlfriends! He registered on a wedding web site and duped girls into marrying him. In this manner he managed to fool 350 Girls. K.V. Ratna Reddy somehow managed to procure a passport to the US. Once KV Ratna Reddy reached the US, he registered himself as a NRI on a leading matrimonial website.

This is how got marriage proposals from numerous girls and even some NRI ones. KV Ratna Reddy managed to dupe a NRI family of 20 lakhs recently. But, this NRI family complained to the Cyber Security wing of police in Hyderabad, India. The police were easily able to track down Reddy.