Sehwan (Staff Report): Security at the shrine of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar remains negligent although 11 days have passed.

There are 100 personnel deployed at and around the shrine, but not a single female constable is part of the force on duty.

A visitor expressed concern to media, over no female constable being deployed as part of the security measure.

Talking to media, ASP Sami Malik accepted that no female constable is deployed.

The few security measures that seem to be in place include sealing of the doors. Seven out of eight doors of the shrine have been sealed.

The security became the important question just after the incident that resulted in the death of over 90 people and left many injured.   

The disregarded insecurity to protect residents and visitors in the area does not allow life to creep back to normal.

The devotees are apprehensive certain vulnerability they see themselves under, however, have returned to what it used to be before the blast shook Sehwan .