No Indian movie will be released in Pakistan: Fawad Ch

No Indian movie will be released in Pakistan: Fawad Ch

Islamabad (Staff Report): Minister of Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry has said that Cinema Exhibitors Association has boycotted Indian content.

“Cinema Exhibitors Association has boycotted Indian content, no Indian Movie ll be released in Pakistan,” the minister said in a tweet and added, “Also have instructed PEMRA to act against Made in India Advertisements.”

The decision came hours after Indian air force violated the Line of Control in the wee hours of Tuesday before being whisked away by Pakistan Air Force.

Earlier, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor rubbished Indian claims of remaining in Pakistani airspace for 21 minutes.

"They are claiming that they remained in the Pakistani airspace for 21 minutes and killed 350 terrorists. They claim that the second strike was in Muzaffarabad and the third in Chakothi,” said Pakistan army spokesperson said and warned, "Allah almighty is the greatest and we should not make tall claims, but come and try to spend 21 minutes in Pakistani airspace."

"Last night, our radars were observing them. They had earlier come closer to our border but did not cross it. Last night, their first visibility was observed near the Sialkot and Lahore border. They were seen approaching the border. Our Combat Air Patrol team approached and challenged them. They did not cross."

"We will respond differently and we will surprise you (India)," he said.

"Not even a single brick or debris is present there. They are claiming 350 deaths. Even had there been 10 casualties, there would be blood, funeral prayers, injuries," ISPR DG said.