Iran publicly hangs convicted of murdering prayers leader

Iran publicly hangs convicted of murdering prayers leader

Tehran (Agencies): Iran on Wednesday hanged in public a man convicted of murdering the leader of main weekly prayers in the southern city of Kazeroun, state news agency IRNA said.

Hamid Reza Derakhshandeh was executed at the scene where he killed the cleric on May 29, IRNA reported, citing the chief justice of Fars province, Kazem Mousavi.

Mohammad Khorsand suffered fatal injuries when attacked with a "cold weapon" while returning from a ceremony during Ramazan, IRNA said.

The cleric had been the leader of Friday prayers in Kazeroun, the capital of Fars province, since 2007.

After his arrest, Derakhshandeh stood trial and "confessed to the premeditated crime in the presence of judicial authorities," Mousavi was quoted as saying.

The death sentence was upheld by the supreme court and carried out after the cleric's family decided not to spare the life of the killer who refused to express regret, Fars news agency reported.