Documentary on Sunny Leone life “Mostly Sunny” coming soon

Documentary on Sunny Leone life “Mostly Sunny” coming soon

Dilip Mehta’s a renowned Indian documentary maker  has started a documentary on the actress, Mostly Sunny, but it is most likely to have an Indian release, with a recent Netflix acquisition and Indian distributors showing a keen interest in the film.

Dilip confirms the development and adds, “Netflix and iTunes have already acquired it. I also want to dub it in Hindi and release it in India. My only fear is, what will the Indian Censor Board (CBFC) do with it?” The Board isn’t the director’s only concern, though. Sunny is telling anyone willing to listen that she is dead against the documentary and wouldn’t want it to release in India. Dilip adds, “She promised she would open every chapter of her life without inhibitions. And to her credit, she did exactly that. She spoke fearlessly about her past as a porn star. Then something happened.”

The reason, for that shift in attitude — the former adult star had opened up about her past “without inhibition or apology” — had been the fame and widespread acceptance she found following the success of Ragini MMS 2’s Baby Doll track, featuring her.

After that, the actress, her husband, and her team began “trying to erase her past as a porn star,” shares Dilip. Fortunately for the filmmaker, by then, he “no longer needed them to finish my documentary.”

Sunny is heard saying in the documentary, that she may have been disowned by her hometown, but all Indians want her in their homes now. Laughs Dilip, “This is the image she and her husband are working on creating in India. As if she was never a part of the porn industry. You can wipe out an entire segment of your life and pretend it ever happened. But Sunny Leone can’t get me to comply in her deceit. She can’t play footsie with me.”