Trump and May seems to hold opposite stance on Russia sanctions

Trump and May seems to hold opposite stance on Russia sanctions

Washington (Online): President Donald Trump showed intentions during a talk that he might quickly lift sanctions on Russia, on Friday, as he stepped onto the global stage alongside Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May.

On the other hand, Britain is actually a strong supporter of maintaining international pressure on Moscow over its intervention in Ukraine, and Trump took a careful stance at their first joint news conference.

Trump is also facing reproval at home from hawkish critics in Congress, who are worried that his intentions to become friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin might deteriorate US resolve.

The White House move to lift sanctions against Russia for its actions in Ukraine would likely to cause alarming situation for European allies who believe sanctions should be lifted only if Moscow complies with the West’s conditions on Ukraine.

There is probability that those concerns would be complicated at home, where many in the U.S. Congress are violently opposed to Putin’s actions in Ukraine and Syria as well as what U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded was Russian intervention in the U.S. election campaign.

However, the new US leader Trump plans to have a telephone conversation with Putin on Saturday, and his assistants say he is re-considering the sanctions regime.

Welcoming May to the White House as the first foreign leader to visit since he was sworn in a week ago Trump said, “We’ll see what happens as far as the sanctions — very early to be talking about that”.

Theresa May took a strict line, insisting that Putin must live up to the Minsk Agreements that would put an end to Russian military interference in Ukraine.

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