PM Imran announces to launch 5 million housing units project in April

PM Imran announces to launch 5 million housing units project in April

Islamabad (Staff Report/Agencies): Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced to launch the government's housing scheme — which aims to build five million houses in April.

Addressing an international Housing Conference here on Thursday, PM Imran said though the achievement of the ambitious target is difficult but once initiated the number of houses to be constructed will be increased every year.

He said the private sector would support to achieve this gigantic task and the government would merely act as facilitator. He said under this scheme, the poor would be provided house financing that was just a dream in the past.

PM Imran said that the growth of 40 industries is linked with the housing sector and the government desires the youngsters to come up in this project and form new companies.

The PM maintained that the government has decided to allow maximum vertical buildings all around except within the landing and take-off zones of the airports.

Imran Khan said the government also plans to establish a land bank retrieving land from land grabbers and also the dead capital of government departments.

He said housing programme would also benefit the tribal areas through the house financing as the area has suffered a lot due to lawlessness.

On this occasion, a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between Pakistan and the World Bank for cooperation in housing sector.