PAMI will play role to overcome shortage of doctors: Prof Dr Chaudhry Abdul Rehman

PAMI will play role to overcome shortage of doctors: Prof Dr Chaudhry Abdul Rehman

Lahore: (Staff Report) Newly-elected president of Pakistan Association of Private Medical and Dental Colleges (PAMI) Prof Dr Chaudhry Abdul Rehman said PAMI’s agenda is to overcome the shortage of doctors in the country and to promote quality education.

Addressing the oath taking ceremony of Punjab chapter of the association, PAMI President Professor Dr Chaudhry Abdul Rehman said Pakistan has the best medical faculty in the world.

We will have to work on linkage at the national level, the PAMI president said, adding that health and education is the primary responsibility of the government while the role of the state should be like that of a mother.

 “The government should take steps to prevent the youth from adopting the wrong direction”, he said.

Referring to youngsters’ expectations from Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chaudhry Abdul Rehman urged the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government to fulfill its promises.

“If PTI government fails to address reservations of the youth, it will be the negation of its slogan of change,” the PAMI president noted.

He said that democratic governments always initiate dialogue to address the problems of the people.

“We should not be treated like outlaws.” The PAMI president asserted.

Professor Dr Chaudhry Abdul Rehman said that private sector runs on the fees by the students. He said that PAMI is fully united and the association wants to improve the quality of education.

The PAMI president urged the government to to take the stakeholders on board otherwise the private medical institutions would be compelled to lodge strong protest against the

“We will close the admission if our demands are not fulfilled” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, President of PAMI’s Punjab chapter Dr Tanvir said it was honour for him that he was elected as the provincial president of the association.

Dr Tanvir said PAMI will strive to strengthen the private sector colleges.