Met Office issues heat wave alert for Karachi

Met Office issues heat wave alert for Karachi

Karachi (Staff Report): The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) on Monday issued a heat wave alert for Karachi from May 1-3.

According to PMD, during the first three days of May, maximum temperatures will range from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius, and wind flows will be from the north/northwest.

The PMD has suggested the authorities and all stakeholders to take precautionary measures. The residents of the city have been advised to remain indoors and avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun.

Meanwhile, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) also issued a health advisory for the safety of the general public.

As per the advisory, people have been asked to drink more water in the current weather. The residents have also been advised to wear the light dresses, cover their heads and avoid unnecessary outdoor exposure between 11:00am and 3:00pm.