Iraq executes 12 convicted on terror charges

Iraq executes 12 convicted on terror charges

Baghdad (Agencies): Authorities have executed at least 12 prisoners convicted on terror charges, following a recommendation by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to speed up the executions of all convicted militants on death row.

Abadi, on Thursday, ordered the immediate execution of “terrorists condemned to death whose sentences have passed the decisive stage”, his office said, referring to convicts whose appeals have been exhausted.

More than 300 people, including around 100 foreign women, have been condemned to death in Iraq and hundreds of others to life imprisonment for membership of the Islamic State group, a judicial source said in April.

Most of the convicted women are Turkish or from former Soviet republics, while a Russian man and a Belgian national are also on death row.

Abadi vowed Thursday to avenge the deaths of the eight IS captives, a day after their bodies were found along a highway north of Baghdad.

“Our security and military forces will take forceful revenge against these terrorist cells,” he told senior military officials and ministers.

“We promise that we will kill or arrest those who committed this crime,” he said.

The corpses, found at Tel Sharaf in Salaheddin province, were decomposing and had been strapped with explosive vests, the army said.