'Its finished, its over for Sharif Family'

'Its finished, its over for Sharif Family'

Islamabad (Staff Report): Its finished, its over for Sharif Family there is no way any of their family will ever be able to in politics because the whole family was involved in corruption.

According to details, Imran Khan was talking to a foreign news agency where he put allegation on the every member of the Sharif family.

He said, its over for Sharif family and if PTI wins upcoming elections we will not spare any one.

He said, Indian Prime minister Moodi is responsible for conflicts between Pakistan and Indian, he could not get rid of his capitalist approach, and Moodi is responsible for the negotiation failure between two nuclear states.

Imran Khan added, Donald Trump is not aware of Pakistan’s history and prominent Afghan personals, but still they are not getting the point that bloodshed in Afghanistan is not the solution.

Further he said that its not fair to blame Pakistani for the failure in Afghanistan because Pakistani has given many sacrifices to counter terrorism now other states also have to do more to ,maintain peace in the world.