Learn how to avoid FB account from being hacked

Learn how to avoid FB account from being hacked

California, United States (Web Desk): Facebook has updated its security feature, allowing users to avoid hacking and other malicious attempts to use others profiles or pages.

According to details, one such feature is in Settings under the Security and Login option. In the advanced settings, one can find the option to see recent emails from Facebook. It is designed to help people protect their profile by identifying real emails from Facebook.

Hackers often email people using fraudulent emails from ‘Facebook’ to trick them and hijack their accounts. This feature in the security feature lets people differentiate between real and fake emails titled as from Facebook. Also, it tells about important changes made in the account during recent time like changing password, Facebook page access and more.

By clicking on see recent emails, users can view the legitimately received messages from the company. The fraudulent emails don’t appear in this list which will let you know if the hackers are trying to hijack your account.

Facebook explained in a post that it uses Facebookmail.com domain to sent notifications to the users. “We detect an attempt to log in to your account or change a password,” Facebook said.

It was mentioned that one can check the legitimacy by visiting facebook.com/settings to view the list of security-related emails received. Cyber criminals trick people and get personal details like login information through these of cleverly disguised emails.

They can also try to make people click on malicious websites. These websites infect the computers or mobile with malware and steal personal data. Such ‘phising’ attempts can be reported to phish@facebook.com while Facebook asks users to visit facebook.com/hacked if they think their account has been hacked.