Surprising health benefits of eating Candy

Surprising health benefits of eating Candy

Lahore (Web Desk): We have been hearing since childhood that candy is probably not very good for our health. Well, there are some facts which state something entirely different.

A recent research claimed that a certain amount of candy actually Helps! Great news for all the sweet tooth isn’t it?

1.    Sugar: Research showed that when your blood sugar drops, your brain is less able to focus and control your impulses.

Sugar can restore your willpower if you feel like you’re unable to focus.

2.    Chewing gum: Health experts said that when you’re working or are under high stress, chewing gum improves mental health.

3.    Chocolate: Researchers claimed that eating chocolate regularly reduces the risk of heart attack. According to research, people who ate a chocolate bar weekly will have a reduced rate of death by 46 %.

4.    Cotton candy: It helps fight depression, so next time if you think you feel really low, get some cotton candy.

5.    Licorice: Licorice has a long history of use in Eastern and Western medicine to treat stomach problems such as peptic ulcers and indigestion, make you carry these babies in your bag whenever you have stomach problem!