Noman Ijaz to star in upcoming serial with …

Noman Ijaz to star in upcoming serial with …

Karachi (Staff Report): Noman Ijaz has another intense drama in the pipeline after striking drama ‘Khan’.

After a long duration of five years ‘Daagh’, directed by Zeeshan Khan, will see Ijaz and Sawera Nadeem come back together on-screen. The drama will depict transition phases and a midlife crisis of life.

About the drama the director shared with media that the purpose of the drama is to make the families realise that a midlife crisis is psychological and behavioral observation and individuals normally come across it between the ages 40 and 60,".

"Individuals may experience feelings of depression, remorse, and anxiety, others may experience feelings such as the desire to achieve youthfulness or make drastic changes to their current lifestyle or atmosphere however, symptoms differ in a diverse manner for different individual."

The drama aims to convey "how to judge the behavioral changes that men go through while experiencing a midlife crisis. It can help the partners or families to figure out if someone in the fold is going through this."

For upcoming ‘Daagh’ the cast also includes Shermen Ali, Seemi Pasha, Minal Khan, Areesha Razi, Hajra Khan, Muzzaffar Abbas, Ahmed Zaib, Tara Mehmood.