Lahore (Web Desk): A Pakistani graduated from NUST Multan has created a ‘Robot’ and robot waiter was seen serving people at a local restaurant Multan, Pakistan , in a video surface on the internet showcased.

Multan seems to take lead among other cities of Pakistan in science and technology, as Robot waiter from Multan is making waves but is it really self made or just self assembled or a motorized trolley that follows embedded sensors?

The creator of the robot Syed Usama Aziz is an electrical engineering graduate from NUST. He has spent an investment of 4 LAKH rupees and 8 months of hard work to build this robot .

It is evident from the video, that the robot follows a set pattern through a line put on the ground.

It may just have been bought, assembled and just programmed by the guy instead of how it’s being reported that he built it himself.

It is assumed that it’s just a motorized trolley following embedded sensors on the ground delivering food to specified tables. Cool ?