Cure Acne with DIY magical face packs

Cure Acne with DIY magical face packs

Lahore (Web Desk): Acne or pimples can be quite damaging to one’s personality and skin. It leaves behind scars and also makes one’s skin appear patchy, dull and unsightly. 

In some cases, acne reappears even after teenage years. Blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, zits, etc are all different grades of acne depending on the severity of the problem.

Here is a basic guide to help you understand and get rid of pimples with various home remedies.

Tips to avoid acne:

· Eat healthy.

· Maintain a regular sleep schedule.

· Never pick or squeeze pimples.

· Playing with or popping pimples, no matter how careful and clean you are, makes them worse.

· Wash your hands before and after caring for skin lesions to reduce the chance of infection.

· Identify and avoid anything that aggravates acne including oily foods, lotions and make-up.

· Stress can add to your acne problem.

· Relax and reduce the stress in your life through yoga and meditation.

DIY face packs help you to get rid of acne and its scars

Cinnamon and honey: 

According to medical experts, Cinnamon is a common spice and flavouring agent but the essential oil it contains also has strong anti-microbial properties.

The water activity of honey is very low which means it does not contain a lot of moisture that can promote the growth of microorganisms. Considering that pimples often arise from an infection within the pores of the skin, combining cinnamon with honey is an effective remedy.

Mix a little cinnamon powder with honey to make a paste; avoid adding water because it will destroy the action of honey. Dab a bit of this paste on each pimple and keep overnight; wash off with lukewarm water the next morning. Repeat for a few days, if necessary.


Medical researchers revealed that turmeric contains ingredients that make it a powerful antimicrobial.

Although you can apply turmeric paste directly to skin, consuming it with a little warm milk is also an effective remedy for flawless skin. Mix a little turmeric powder with some coconut oil and apply directly onto the pimples at night; next morning, wash your face with water to remove the paste.

You can also dry a few neem leaves in the sun and grind to a fine powder. Mix equal quantities of this powder, turmeric powder and a little rose water to form a paste. Apply this on the pimples, leave it on for around 20 minutes then wash your face. You can also substitute sandalwood powder for neem powder.