London: Following polling of British parliamentary elections the process of counting the votes is underway and according to updates Conservative Party is holding first position while Labour Party first second.

According to details of updates:

Conservative Party wins at 268 seats

Labour Party wins at 237 seats

However former Ex- Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg also lost seat in UK election.

In the first phase Postal votes while in second phase Poll votes will be counted, the number of total votes, turn over and winner will be announced in the third and last phase.  

Pakistani-born British candidate who won seats in British Elections on Friday:

1.   Imran Hussain of the Labour Party has won seat from Bradford.

2. Shabana Mahmood of the Labour Party won seat from Birmingham.

3. Khalid Mahmood of the Labour Party won seat from Birmingham.
4. Yasmin Qureshi of the Labour Party won seat from Bolton.
5. Naz Shah of the Labour Party won seat from Bradford.
6. Afzal Khan of the Labor Party won seat from Manchester.  

7. Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party won seat from Tooting.

8. Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh of the Scottish National Party won the seat from South Perthshire

9. Rehman Chishti became the parliament member on the ticket of the Conservative Party.

10. Sajid Javed has also become the MP from the Conservative Party.

Immediately after the voting process results of the exit poll have been exposed that show that Conservative Party could get 314 seats, the Labor Party 266, SNP 34 and the Liberal Democrats could get 14 seats.

However, 1.5% devaluation of the British pound is seen following the results of the Exit Poll.