Don’t miss these salient benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Don’t miss these salient benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Lahore (Web Desk): Apple cider vinegar is a natural remedy that contains a number of benefits that you should know to stay healthy. Most salient benefits of apple cider vinegar given here:

Can Heal A Sore Throat

As a potent germ-killing liquid, vinegar can eliminate the infection that causes sore throat early in the process. Simply gargle ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar with ¼ cup of warm water when the throat begins to feel itchy and sore.

Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease

Globally cardiovascular diseases (e.g. heart disease and stroke) are the leading causes of death. Vinegar is thought to reduce one of the “bad” cholesterols named LDL cholesterol that causes plaque buildup in the arteries. Chlorogenic acid an antioxidant present in vinegar precludes the oxidation of cholesterol particles, which explains the mechanism through which the product can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Can Clear Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion is worst among nuisances. If next time you experience a stuffed-up nose, reach for a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Simply mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of cold water and drink.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Apple cider vinegar has potential to lowers your blood sugar levels. In fact, apple cider vinegar consumption helps patients with type 2 diabetes.

One of the recent studies reveals, consuming apple cider vinegar lowered blood sugar glucose by 19 to 34 percent when eating a high-carbohydrate meal.

Helps You Feel Full

According to a recent research has shown that consuming vinegar can increase feelings of fullness or satiety. Of course, this makes it possible to consume less food – and less calories. In turn, prolonged consumption of apple cider vinegar can lead to weight loss.

Can Eliminate Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff, mix ¼ cup of apple cider with ¼ cup water and spray it onto the scalp. Wrap your head in a towel for 15 minutes to an hour and then wash. The process should be repeated twice a week for optimal results.

Kills Unhealthy Bacteria

Vinegar ius used as a food preservative because it contains anti-bacterial properties. Further, vinegar has also been used for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of ailments – including ear infections, lice, wart and nail fungus. Simply put, apple cider vinegar can be used as an anti-bacterial agent in a number of different ways.

Can Prevent Indigestion

To avoid indigestion is easy by making a habit of sipping a simple mixture of apple cider vinegar before eating. To implement this remedy, simply mix one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into a glass of warm water. Drink this mixture a half hour before eating.