International Students' Day observed 

International Students' Day observed 

Islamabad (Agencies): International Students’ Day was celebrated around the world including Pakistan on Friday to encourage the global student community and the challenges faced by international students.

It is a challenge to be an international student abroad. It takes courage to leave your family and home behind. To improve their lives and support their families, international students travel long distances from their home countries to pursue higher education.

All students find university life challenging, but there’s no denying that overseas students face additional difficulties. These include language challenges, cultural differences, financial difficulties and homesickness.

On International Students' Day, we have a wonderful opportunity to celebrate students everywhere. Today is a celebration of diversity, multiculturalism and teamwork.

To mark the Day, different universities, educational institutes and social activists from different walks of life organize seminars, and programs at different plate forms highlighting the problems and needs of the students.

It is worth mentioning that students' Day was established in London in 1941, at the international meeting of students.