Khawar Maneka says Imran Khan ruined his married life with Bushra Bibi

Khawar Maneka says Imran Khan ruined his married life with Bushra Bibi
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Lahore (Web Desk): Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's wife Bushra Bibi, on Monday come up with allegations against the former premier.

While making shocking revelations regarding his divorce and the third marriage of the former prime minister, Maneka in an interview with a private TV channek, said that Imran ruined his married life with Bushra.

Maneka said that his married life with Bushra Bibi lasted happily for 28 years but Imran Khan ruined it under the guise of Piri-Muridi.

He also gave credence to the allegations that Imran-Bushra marriage took place before the passing if Iddat, a mandatory isolation period for a divorced woman under Islam.

Maneka said Bushra married Imran one-and-a-half months after their divorce in November 2017.

As per a March 2018 newspaper report, Imran khan had married Bushra Bibi in January 2018, while she would have been observing Iddat, but the pictures of their wedding were released on February 18 in a bid to hide the marriage from the public eye.

Maneka said Imran would visit his house without his "consent" and causing distress in the household.

Recalling one such visit, Maneka said he had escorted the PTI chief out of the house with the help of a servant.

Giving a background of Imran's first meeting with Bushra, Maneka revealed that she was introduced to the PTI chairman by her sister Maryam Wattoo during a protest sit-in in Islamabad.

"After their first meeting, the two had started meeting frequently in the federal capital," Maneka said, adding that Bushra would often speak with Imran secretly on a phone number provided to her by Farah Gogi at PTI chief's request.

He claimed that Bushra would also meet the Imran Khan at his (Maneka's) house at Bani Gala without his permission.

Speaking about their divorce, Khawar Maneka said that Bushra Bushra Bibi separated from him and went to her parent's house in Pakpattan.

Maneka said that he in an attempt to reconcile, confronted Bushra about a possible divorce.
However, Maneka said that one day, he received a text message from Farah Gogi, asking him to give divorce to Bushra.

"I went to Bushra and asked her do you want a divorce? She bowed her head and did not answer," Khawar Maneka said, adding that he then sent the divorce papers to her through Farah on November 14, 2017.

Later, he said Farah Gogi and PTI chief's close aid Zulfi Bukhari asked him to change the date of divorce on papers and keep mum as "Imran Khan wants to become the prime minister".