'Deadliest night' in Gaza as Israeli bombardment martyres 400 Palestinians in 24 hours

'Deadliest night' in Gaza as Israeli bombardment martyres 400 Palestinians in 24 hours
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Gaza (Web Desk): At least 400 Palestinians were martyred by Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in the last 24 hours, according to Palestinian health officials. The death toll in Gaza since October 7 has crossed 4,651.

According to international media reports, Israel bombarded residential areas in Gaza overnight including the densely populated Jabalia refugee camp, Beit Hanoun, a residential area in North Gaza,  and locations close to Gaza's Al-Shifa and Al-Quds Hospitals.

Israeli raids on Palestinians that started overnight continue in the morning with dozens of people arrested in the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian authorities and media.

The latest arrests happened in the city of Hebron, where 59 citizens were taken away by the Israeli forces, including 40 workers from the Gaza Strip, according to official Palestinian news agency Wafa.

On the other hand, UNRWA confirmed that 29 of their colleagues, half of them teachers, in Gaza are now killed since October 7.   

The aid trucks that crossed over from Egypt on Sunday have been taken to a UNRWA-designated warehouse in Deir el-Balah.

However, it is still unknown when the aid will be disbursed as Israel has imposed several preconditions on how and where it should be delivered.

Worth noting that the aid that came in yesterday won’t make much of a difference to the situation here if you consider the needs of Gaza at the moment.

Meanwhile doctors in the Gaza Strip have warned of the catastrophic consequences in case of electricity supply interruption as fuel in the hospitals possibly running out in the next 48 hours due to the continuous bombardment of the besieged Gaza strip by the Israeli forces. Any infants relying on ventilators would not survive, leaving doctors helpless to save them.

Moreover, World Health Organization has called for fuel to be allowed in besieged Gaza, while more medical supplies have landed in Egypt waiting to e transferred to Gaza.