ECP unfreezes voter lists nationwide for registration, corrections

ECP unfreezes voter lists nationwide for registration, corrections

Islamabad (Web Desk): The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has immediately lifted restrictions on voter lists nationwide, allowing eligible individuals to register, transfer, or rectify their votes till October 25.

According to the ECP spokesperson, the electoral rolls were suspended on July 20, this year by invoking clause 39 of the Election Act 2017.

"Following the unfreezing of electoral lists, eligible individuals now have the opportunity to update their voter information," he stated.

The ECP spokesperson urged all eligible citizens to ensure the correctness of their voter registration, modifications, and transfers, and align their particulars with their computerized national identity card details by October 25, 2023.

Earlier on Wednesday, the ECP published preliminary constituency lists.

In a statement, the ECP informed the public that the preliminary delimitation report, along with Form 5 lists, has been posted on the commission's website, along with maps of the initial delimitation.

The publication of preliminary constituencies will extend for 30 days, from September 27 to October 26, during which objections (representations) regarding the preliminary constituencies can be submitted by the voters of the relevant constituency.

Initially, according to the original delimitation schedule set by the ECP on August 17, the initial delimitation process was supposed to conclude on October 7, with preliminary delimitation proposals and the accompanying report set to be published on October 9.

However, on September 1, the ECP announced a compression of the delimitation timeline by 14 days, aiming to finalise the process by November 30 instead of the originally planned December 14.

The development clears the path for the electoral body to make a decision on holding elections in the last week of January. A specific election date has yet to be announced.