Italy-bound PIA plane lands safely after bird strike

Italy-bound PIA plane lands safely after bird strike

Milan (Staff Report): A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight PK-777 landed safely at Italy’s Milan–Malpensa Airport after it was hit by a bird and damaged its radar system.

According to details, 125 passengers in the flight were coming from Pakistan and remained safe in the incident.

The flight was coming from Pakistan to Milan when it hit a bird, however, the pilot succeeded in landing the plane safely.

PIA administration in Milan took quick notice of the incident and cancelled the flight PK-777 that was scheduled to depart for Lahore via Paris when engineers could not fix the radar system in 3 hours.

A crowd of commuters was waiting for this flight at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. PIA’s chief executive in France Malik Waqar and country manager Matee Ullah Khan apologized to the passengers, and provided them with food and hotel.

PK-777 is now scheduled to depart from Paris to Lahore at 06:00 PM today.