World Heart Day being observed today

World Heart Day being observed today

Islamabad (Web Desk): World Heart Day is being observed today (Tuesday) all over the world including Pakistan with the aim of creating awareness among the citizens about heart disease.

Experts are of the views that the main cause of heart disease is the imbalance in people's eating habits and lifestyle.

Around 3.5 lac people in Pakistan die of heart disease every year. According to the World Medical Survey, 17.5 million people worldwide suffer from heart disease every year.

The main reason for this is that people ignore the early symptoms of heart disease. Medical experts say anxiety, chest pain, heaviness, bleeding from the mouth, dizziness, cold sweats, smoking, poor and unbalanced diet and lack of exercise are also major causes of heart disease.

To prevent heart disease, regular physical exercise and proper diet should be eaten and heart function should be checked on an annual basis to prevent heart disease.

Cardiology hospitals have been set up in almost all major cities of the country, but the situation in rural areas is not satisfactory.

Treatment in city hospitals is expensive. Ninety percent of patients have to pay for their own treatment.

It takes at least a year for a patient to have a bypass or angiography, but there are very few patients who pay for such a long and expensive treatment.