Sharif Awan wins hat-trick of gold awards at prestigious Global Music Awards

Sharif Awan wins hat-trick of gold awards at prestigious Global Music Awards
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California (Web Desk): Pakistani music producer Sharif Awan has clinched a remarkable hat-trick of gold awards in Creativity/Originality, Best Album, and Best Producer categories at the prestigious Global Music Awards (GMAs) held in California for his exceptional production titled 'Music in COVID Times.'

Produced under the banner of the Tehzeeb Foundation, 'Music in COVID Times' stands out as a record-breaking album, securing victories in three most coveted categories.

Sharif Awan’s Tehzeeb Foundation is an organization working for the promotion, preservation and archiving of classical heritage, music, literature, and fine arts. 

This is not the first time that Tehzeeb Foundation's projects have achieved international acclaim.

Previously, their another project, 'Indus Raag - Beyond Borders,' also secured a gold medal at the Global Music Awards in 2016, earning a spot on the list of the Top 10 Albums of the year. 

Sharif has won several international awards including the Global Music Awards (USA) Gold & Silver Medals and Independent Music Awards (USA). 

The GMAs are known for recognizing outstanding artistry and talent across various music genres, including jazz, classical, fusion, folk, and contemporary music, have honored Awan's latest work.

In response to recent achievement, Awan expressed his gratitude and shared, "A win for music anywhere is a win for music everywhere! I congratulate all the artists from Pakistan, India, Germany and the UK who came together to create this album in the most adverse of times. May the magic of music continue to heal us.”

Sharif Awan is a writer, culture revivalist, and curator/producer of classical, folk and world music of Pakistan. He has recorded and preserved indigenous Pakistani music and produced a number of quality audio and video albums. He has also written, produced, edited, and published a number of books on Pakistani culture.