FATA: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on a special visit to Northern Waziristan and adjoining FATA areas had a lot to say on his today’s visit. After laying the founadation stone for Kurram Tungi dam he showed his hopes for acceleration of political process in FATA. While addressing to a gathering at Northern Waziristan he said the Kurram Tungi Dam will only cost 23 Billion while purchasing of land for the project has started with a reserved fund of 116 billion.

He stressed that Bhasha Dam construction process will also start in the same year. He stressed that by 2018 load shedding will be a story of the past.

He highlighted that illiteracy and poverty aren’t the future of Pakistan. A bright future awaits us. The world is appreciating the economic developments of Pakistan.

He showed his unease over the ten year delay in Neelum Jhelum power project of 10 years which multiplied its cost, resulting in electricity supply shortage.

He stressed that FATA will get its due share from National Finance Commission NFC awards. There will be educational institutions and universities all across FATA and with the abolishment of FCR, FATA now makes the major political mainstream of Pakistan after recent reforms.