No powerful lobby will be able to profiteer at expense of public: PM Imran

No powerful lobby will be able to profiteer at expense of public: PM Imran

Islamabad (Web Desk): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday said that he was waiting for the detailed forensic report — which will come out on April 25 — before taking action.

I await the detailed forensic reports now by the high-powered commission, which will come out on 25 April, before taking action. InshaAllah, after these reports come out no powerful lobby will be able to profiteer at the expense of our public,” said PM Khan while referencing recent reports by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) regarding the sugar and wheat crises in the country.

“As promised preliminary reports into sudden price hikes of sugar & wheat have been released immed without alteration/tampering. This is unprecedented in Pak's history. Prev pol ldrships bec of their vested interests & compromises lacked moral courage to order & release such reports, the PM added.

Jahangir Tareen, Khusro Bakhtiar, and Monis Elahi are among the top beneficiaries of the sugar crisis that hit Pakistan in January this year, says an inquiry report issued by FIA on Saturday evening.

The 32-page report, prepared by FIA Director General Wajid Zia, based on the findings of an inquiry committee constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The JDW Sugar Mills and JK (Colony-II), owned and controlled by PTI leader Jahangir Tareen, exported 17.24% of their total production. His mills availed 22.71% of the total subsidy amounting to Rs561 million, according to the report.

Al-Moiz Industries Limited and Thal Industries Corporation, controlled by Shamim Ahmed Khan, exported 29.6% of their production. They availed 16.46% of the total export subsidy amounting to Rs406 million.

The report then mentioned RYK Mills Limited, Etihad Sugar Mills and Two Star Industries, which are owned by Makhdoom Omer Shehryar.

Shehryar is the brother of National Food Security and Research Minister Khusro Bakhtiar. His companies exported 31.17% of their total production. They availed 18.31% of the total subsidy amounting to Rs452 million.

The report noted that PML-Q leader Monis Elahi is also a partner in the RYK Group.

These three groups “availed a total subsidy of 57.49% that amounts to Rs1,419 million out of a total subsidy of Rs2,470 million,” the report said.

It named eight other entities that availed subsidy from the government and exported their sugar, contributing to a sugar price hike in the country.

It has been learned that PM Khan himself reviewed the report before it was made public.

Similarly, a report on the wheat crisis was also presented to the prime minister. It identified the lack of planning by provincial governments as the main reason behind the wheat crisis.