Coffee shop owner jailed who let naked model to serve people

Coffee shop owner jailed who let naked model to serve people

Bangkok (Web Desk): A coffee shop owner in Thailand was awarded jail after a model caused outrage when she served customers in the nude.

Suwannawong, who, according to the Metro, also goes by the nickname 'Jaenae, says that she wasn't even paid for the appearance and just wanted to get the business up and running.

While in a clip outside the shop, she flaunts her chest while saying “the coffee is so good, they use plenty of milk”, glancing down at the breasts.

But the stunt backfired and  Prasong Sukkorn, the owner of Coffee On The Day, is now facing a jail sentence of three to five years and or a fine of 100,000 Thai baht for obscenity.

Prasong said, “There was no intention to be sexual or offensive. I posted the pictures online just as a way of marketing the business. I have apologised for this.”

Police commander Thanachai Usakit from the Sattahip district station said the owner admitted uploading ‘obscene materials’.

He didn’t realize it would break the law because the model in the photos wasn’t fully naked.

Suwannawong and friend Minggomut Kongsawas, 21, said they felt sorry for Sukkorn because the shop was struggling to drum up business and they offered to help.