Mother: the epitome of love, care and selflessness

Mother: the epitome of love, care and selflessness

It starts with a beautiful girl who gets married to a brilliant, sharp and hard working man. Both belong to middle class families. After one and half year, they are blessed with a baby girl.

As the years went by, there were a lot of conversations, love, hugs, misunderstandings, and prayers. They were happy with their two daughters. One night, an unfortunate incident took place when their five-year-old daughter was physically handicapped due to poliomyelitis. Her mother was shocked and shattered after hearing this nugget of bad news.

When the word mother comes in our mind, we imagine that it comprises of bundle of emotions, love and compassion.

Mother’s endless, undemanding love kept her waking up all the night with her sick toddler, whom she provided medicine and embrocated her legs twice in a day. But desired outcome was not received. Her husband started working overtime to feed his family in a better way.

The mother took her daughter to every renowned doctor but there was no hope. She became pessimist. Her life became battered due to stress. She was always weeping bitterly and failed to restrain her tears from trickling down her cheeks. She switched herself in disgruntlement mode. She always imagined something bad for her handicapped child and this scared her.

One day, she motivated herself, gathered up her courage and accumulated hope. She whispered to herself that she would overcome this hardship.  Hope enabled her to think that "there is light despite all the darkness".

She concluded she would provide her better education at every cost. She herself went to school with her daughter, stay all the time there. She managed all house as well as family and then taught her handicapped child by herself.

Besides, she was managing her other kids as well. She awoke at 03: 00 am every day and finished all kitchen laundry as well as cleanliness.

A lady of 23 years old forgot herself. A big goal of her life was to educate her daughter so that her child can maintain a remarkable position in the society. She wanted her daughter to be financially independent.

After her elbow grease effort, her daughter passed school and joined college. She sacrificed her desire and her wish for her daughter.

After indefatigable effort, her daughter finished her MPhil, holding a remarkable position /job in a well known organization. Her mother’s dream came true at last. Without her mother, her life would be dark and gloomy.

Mother’s love for her children certainly cannot be compared with anything. Even she can sacrifice her happiness for her child as above described.

No one else can care for their kids the way as mother does. Mothers share a deep connection with their children. This connection certainly cannot be matched by anyone else.

A mother is a gem for every child. She is ultimate source of happiness. Her love is pure and innocent. Her contributions are certainly too great to imagine. May Allah bless our mothers!! Happy Mother's Day.

By: Amna Rasheed