Lahore: Upcoming Pakistani ‘Balu Mahi’ directed by Haissam Hussain and written by Saad Azhar, comes out on February 10, 2017.


Earlier a Qawwali teaser was released that suggested that Balu Mahi is a traditional love story, the film 's first official trailer is here to correct that misconception.

The trailer shows that film is high on comedy, fun little dance numbers and action-packed chase sequences (runaway bride, hello!) — and it'd be a worth a watch if the film doesn't rehash other romantic adventure movies.


The leading role Balu - Osman Khalid Butt means to crash the wedding of his beloved, only to discover he's... you guessed it, at the wrong wedding. The bride (Ainy Ali Jaffri as Mahi) still thinks it's a good idea to make a run for it with Balu and so begins their romantic adventure.

We're hopeful that the film 's best moments have been saved for the big screen .