Lahore (Web Desk): A small portable printer can print documents remotely from tablets, smartphones or desktop computers using a bluetooth connection by rolling across pages.

The portable printer is shaped like the droplet colour icon used on many domestic printers to indicate ink levels and can connect to tablets, smartphones or desktop computers via bluetooth.

The Mini Mobile works by rolling across the page and printing each line individually.

Measuring ten centimetres high and 11.5 centimetres in diameter, the Mini Mobile weighs 300 grams and comfortably fits into the palm of a hand.

The device connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to smartphones or PCs. When activated a hatch underneath the printer slides open, revealing the inkjet.

The machine uses a high resolution optical sensor to control movement, speed and placement of the robot.

The device also knows when multiple pages require printing, sending a message to the user's laptop to place the machine on another piece of paper.

The inkwell inside is capable of printing 1000 pages before needing to be replaced, and the battery will allow continual use for up to an hour.