Farooq Sattar blames Karachi mayor for poor performance

Farooq Sattar blames Karachi mayor for poor performance

Karachi (Staff Report): Chief of Muttahida Quami Movement-Pakistan (MQM) Farooq Sattar expressed anger over the performance of the local government, in particular of Karachi Mayor Waseem Akhtar, on Monday.

According to details, the MQM-Pakistan under Farooq Sattar summoned a session of the local government officials and reviewed their performance.

If discrepancy between the tenders and results is found out then the administration of the central district should be changed, the Rabbita Committee said.

Sattar also demanded a report from Mayor Karachi, Deputy Mayor, and District Chairman.

Farooq Sattar while reprimanding Mayor Karachi said that he was ‘causing embarrassment to him’.

An exchange of words also took place between Akhtar and Kamran Tessori upon the question of performance.

In the meeting it was announced that the Rabbita Committee session will be held after three days.