PM Imran calls for comprehensive plan to facilitate investors

PM Imran calls for comprehensive plan to facilitate investors

Islamabad (Agencies): Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Thursday that wealth creation is necessary to take the country forward.

Addressing Pakistan Economic Forum, PM Imran said a business friendly culture will be introduced in the country and businessmen will be encouraged to invest their capital in various sectors.

 He said no country can progress if its presents its industrialists as criminals. He said making money is no sin, but using unfair means to make it or avoiding tax is.

Earlier, chairing a meeting on ease of doing businesses, PM Imran called for addressing the taxation issues and preparation of a comprehensive plan to simplify procedures related to government approvals.

According to Radio Pakistan, it was decided that the premier would chair a review meeting on the 'ease of doing business in the country' every month.

Board of Investment (BoI) chairman Haroon Sharif briefed the meeting that efforts were being done to revive the confidence of the private sector in government policies and put in place a framework to facilitate the business community.

According to the report, the BoI chairman said the board was working as an "agent of change" to facilitate business transactions, remove impediments in the way of the materialisation of investors' interests into actual investments and for the "smooth functioning" of businesses in the country.

The chairman also briefed PM Khan on various issued that were being faced by the business community including taxation, access to finance, regulation, policy issues and "red-tapism".

Sharif said that BoI was actively working with the provincial governments and the relevant ministries to remove barriers in the way of establishing Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

The BoI chairman also shared information about the investment framework which has been structured to attract and materialise investment from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, China, Japan, and Malaysia.