World’s 11 most dangerous spots

World’s 11 most dangerous spots

Lahore (Web Desk): Here are some of the most breathtaking and dangerous locations around the world which might grab you attention if you are an adventure loving person.

Death Valley, USA

This stunning desert holds the record for the highest temperature ever recorded on our planet ‘earth’, 134 °f (56.7 °c).

The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

The place has been given a name as ‘hell of the earth’ for having the most brutal landscape. The temperature in the desert rises over 50 degrees Celsius due to numerous active volcanoes and geysers across the desert that spit toxic gases in the atmosphere.

Mount Washington, USA

The summit of Mount Washington holds the world record for the fastest winds on the surface of the earth. The highest recorded speed here is 203 miles per hour (327 km/h).

Sinabung Volcano, Indonesia

This is an active volcano situated on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Eruptions occur here very frequently, often leaving thousands of people without shelter or livelihood.

Lha Da Queimada Grande (Snake Island), Brazil

This place is full of one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Researchers estimate that about five snakes per square meter live on the island.

Madidi National Park, Bolivia

At a glance, this place looks very picturesque, but it’s actually very dangerous for being home to the most poisonous and aggressive fauna in the world.

Contact with any of the plants growing in this park can cause severe itching, rash and dizziness. Any cut, or even a small wound, can become infected with tropical parasites.

Valley of Death, Kamchatka, Russia

The valley of death in Kamchatka peninsula, in the Russian Far East, is located not far from the famous valley of geysers.

High concentrations of toxic gases found in this area pose a serious threat to every living thing: plants and animals die quickly, while people soon start to feel unwell and get a fever, dizziness and chill.

Bikini Atoll, The Marshall Islands

The island was actually home to numerous nuclear testing programs that turned the picturesque island of bikini into a radioactive wasteland.

The inhabitants were forced to abandon their homes, and even today this remains hazardous for living organisms: the abnormally high level of radiation recorded here can cause cancer.

Elephant Kingdom in Chonburi, Thailand

Contrary to its name, it’s a crocodile farm. The owner leases out a small semi-closed raft space for tourists to come visit, see and feed crocodiles!

Afar depression, Ethiopia

Erta ale volcano, in the afar region of Ethiopia, is one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet.

Lake Natron, Tanzania

Lake Natron may look like an extraterrestrial landscape, it may look a surreal image but this is actually the photo of the lake.

The alkali salt crust on the surface of the lake is so dangerous that all living creatures die just coming into contact with it. for obvious reasons, swimming in this lake is strictly prohibited, and the strong odor of hydrogen sulfide (h2s) coming from lake’s surface won’t let you admire the stunning scenery for long.