Another black feather in Meera’s crown

Another black feather in Meera’s crown

Lahore (Web Desk): Recently, another controversy about superstar Meera with the Punjab Institute of Language, Arts and Culture (PILAC), appeared just after a week or so her unfortunate encounter with the police during the PSL finale.

Meera attended the recent Spring Festival in Lahore and later she claimed, the institute is to pay her Rs25,000 for her present in the festival.

According to details, PILAC claims that they had invited a number of the celebrities and performers a simply for them to honour the Festival. The festival administration decided to pay performers but not celebrities.

At the entrance she refused to enter, she reportedly began shouting at the organisers, asking them to pay her. Later on, she also took the stage and demanded her due remuneration.

PILAC director Dr Sugra Sadaf was forced to hand her Rs25, 000 but she claimed, “We had planned to pay the performers only and Meera was not invited to perform – she was just a guest … but she was demanding money and left me no choice but to pay her from my own pocket. She was claiming that she is having a financial crisis so I went ahead.”