Lahore (Staff Report): Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar says no judge has the right to give decision through wrongdoing and they are bound to keep law in mind before passing judgment.

Speaking at the concluding event of the second “Women Judges' Conference” in Lahore, Saqib Nisar that the Constitution of Pakistan gives equal rights to every citizen of the country.

"Under the Constitution, every citizen, regardless of gender, has to be treated in accordance with the law," he added as he spoke on the topic "Improving access to justice".

"Justice hurried is justice buried," he said. "If the appropriate opportunity is not provided to someone to plead and propound his or her case [...] I don't think that this would be the best quality of justice."

Unfortunately, in some parts of society, there may be women who are not treated as well as they should be, he said.

"There are issues which are sensitive to the gender and we should be looking forward to making the changes needed," he stated, adding that an environment should be created in the courts where women are given the chance to speak freely.

The chief justice told his colleagues that when deciding cases, whether sensitive or insensitive, they must adhere to the law.