Latest animated film set to portray pride of Pakistani

Latest animated film set to portray pride of Pakistani

Lahore (Web Desk): First teaser of upcoming Pakistani animated film ‘Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor’ has released that is a close representation of Pakistan's awe-inspiring natural landscapes and its focus on our national animals has piqued our interest.

According to details, Allahyar and The Legend of Markhor’s first teaser tells us it's one to watch out for.

According to associate Producer Eyad Ibrahim, this 3RD World Studios’ film follows a young boy as he discovers the magical world of animals and goes on a journey that explores the relationship between humans and their sentient neighbours on earth."

“The film will have something for the whole family, so isn't just for children, Ibrahim told.

"We’ve tried hard to create a balance. The film comes together with different elements that combine to enthral audiences of all ages, giving everyone an entertaining story that they can relate to."

"Who doesn’t love talking animal films?" and we agree, he adds.