Imran Khan criticizes Trump for humiliating Pakistanis

Imran Khan criticizes Trump for humiliating Pakistanis

Islamabad (Staff Report): Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has criticized US President Donald Trump for humiliating the people of Pakistan.

According to details, he said that the new US Afghan policy is a complete flop, the best case scenario for peace in Afghanistan is the withdrawal of US forces from the country and multilateral negotiations between main stakeholders, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and China, to establish a consensus government.

Khan said, “I would say that this is a deeply flawed policy. It’s more of the same, and… if Trump is going to send more troops to Afghanistan, but in a way problem will escalate further.”

He said, “I feel that the US President’s stated policy of killing the enemy but actually the US is not in Afghanistan for nation building, but to kill terrorists.

Imran was of the view that the US should change its policy and engage China, Russia and Iran and they should try and form a government of consensus.

According to details, Imran Khan discussed his point of view in his interview with an American TV channel.