Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (Web Desk): Following the ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia by Yemeni rebels, a video showing the Saudi military responding to an unprovoked missile attack that was intercepted on Sunday, using kingdom's missile defenses.

The vide shared by ‘Arab News’ with words, “WATCH #Saudi Patriot missiles intercepting missiles fired by #Iran-backed #Houthi militia from #Yemen toward Riyadh on Sunday night. Seven Houthi missiles were shot”

Earlier, Saudi Press Agency reported that at least one person killed and two other wounded in a ballistic missile attack on Riyadh late on Sunday on the third anniversary of a Riyadh-led war in Yemen, however the attacks were foiled timely.

According to Saudi Arabian authorities, Yemen's Shiite rebels fired seven ballistic missiles targeting different cities of Saudi Arabia .

Saudi air forces, using his air defense system, shot down all seven ballistic missiles fired from Yemen 3 over capital Riyadh however, one of the missiles left one dead and 2 injured.

The casualties were the first in Saudi Arabia 's capital since the Saudi-led war in Yemen began in March 2015, though previous rockets fired by the Yemeni rebels have caused deaths in other parts of the kingdom.