Repatriation of illegal foreign nationals continues

Repatriation of illegal foreign nationals continues

Islamabad: Repatriation of illegal foreign nationals including Afghans to their homeland is continuing in a dignified and safe manner.

Apart from other measures for the dignified return of Afghans to their country, transit camps equipped with all facilities have been established in various districts for their temporary accommodation.

At least 1640 illegal Afghan nationals returned to their country on Sunday.  So far, 254,775 Afghans have been repatriated to Afghanistan.

Earlier, Caretaker Minister for Interior Sarfraz Ahmed Bugti had said that that the government was carrying out a crackdown against all illegal immigrants in the country and not Afghan nationals only.

Winding up discussion on a motion to discuss the federal government’s decision to expel the immigrants, including Afghan refugees from Pakistan in a short time, he rejected the notion that the crackdown had been launched against Afghan nationals.

The operation was underway against illegal immigrants who had been residing in Pakistan without any travel documents, the minister added.