PM shows ‘written evidence of foreign conspiracy’ to journalists, allies

PM shows ‘written evidence of foreign conspiracy’ to journalists, allies

Islamabad (Staff Report/Agencies): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday showed a “threat letter”, purportedly containing evidence of a foreign conspiracy against the PTI-led government, to senior journalists and the cabinet.

Earlier, addressing a ceremony for the launch of the e-passport facility on Wednesday, the premier said that a no-confidence motion was a democratic move.

“But this is a foreign imported conspiracy. And it started when people from abroad started controlling Pakistan through telephone calls. They cannot tolerate a leadership that works in the people’s interest,” he added.

During a party’s power show titled “Amr Bil Maroof” event at Parade Ground in Islamabad on Sunday, PM Imran claimed that the he had written proof that “foreign-funded conspiracy” hatched to topple his government through a no-confidence motion tabled by the country’s joint opposition over his refusal to have Pakistan’s foreign policy be influenced from abroad.

“Attempts are being made through foreign money to change the government in Pakistan. Our people are being used. Mostly inadvertently, but some people are using money against us. We know from what places attempts are being to pressure us. We have been threatened in writing but we will not compromise on national interest,” the premier said.