Engineer marries self-built female robot

Engineer marries self-built female robot

Beijing (Web Desk): Disheartened single, an artificial intelligence engineer, has ended his struggle of finding his soul mate by marrying self-built robot, yes, it happened for real!

According to Chinese media, Zheng Jiajia, 31, has given up on the search for love and decided to marry a robot he built himself after failing to find a human spouse.

Jiajig built a ‘female’ robot at the end of 2016 which he named Yingying and just a few months later they tied the knot, in a ceremony which was attended by His mother and friends.

Jiajig’s robotic wife, Yingying weighs 30kg and is able to speak a few simple words. Mrs. Zheng can also identify Chinese characters but she is lacking in domestic skills as she is not yet able to walk.

However, her husband is planning to upgrade her to do housework at a later date as they slowly grow old together.

Look at the picture of the Engineer and his Robot-Wife: