Ousted PM Nawaz Sharif will come to Lahore via GT Road

Ousted PM Nawaz Sharif will come to Lahore via GT Road

Islamabad (Staff Report): Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif will come to Lahore from Islamabad via GT Road on Wednesday (August 9).

Nawaz Sharif was scheduled to come to Lahore on Sunday, but the decision was changed after the consultation due to security reasons.

Earlier, Speaking to reporters at Punjab House, Islamabad on Saturday, Nawaz said he has a lot of say [about his disqualification] but he wishes to remain silent for now.

 Commenting on Musharraf's recent remarks in an interview to BBC Urdu, Sharif challenged him to return to Pakistan. Musharraf, who is facing a treason trial for imposing a state of emergency in the country on Nov 3, 2007, had said that dictatorships had a better track record compared to democracy in Pakistan.

"Musharraf wanted to sign the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) with me," Sharif claimed. He also claimed that he was told to meet Musharraf, ostensibly to strike a deal, several times; instead, he signed the Charter of Democracy with the late Benazir Bhutto.

He also asked whether the courts could ever hold a dictator accountable for his actions, noting that no one has so far been held responsible for the "murder" of Nawab Akbar Bugti.

“I was not disqualified over corruption but disqualified from the office for not taking salary from my son’s company,” he added.

Nawaz was disqualified from holding public office by the Supreme Court on July 28 in its verdict on the Panama Papers case for failing to declare a receivable salary as an asset.