Aliia reveals how she cares her long hair

Aliia reveals how she cares her long hair

Lahore (Web Desk): Long beautifull hair is dream of all the girls but in the current environment it is hard to maintain the dream hair like Rapunzal – a princess of fairy tale.

Would you believe that a lady with hair like Rapunzal exist nowadays?

Yes the pictures of a lady with 90 inches long hair, are viral on social media website Instagram. The lady Allia, 27, tell that she decided to grow her hair such long, when she was a child after being inspired by Rapunzel’s mythical story.

She told that she never cut her hair that weigh approximately 22 pounds (approx. 10 kilograms) and I always feel like a cat is sitting on my shoulders all the times.

However, such long hair need extra and special care as a comb, shampoos, conditioners and other hair products to maintain its beauty, smoothness and health.

This real-life Rapunzal has grown her hair for two decades. So if you dream to have such beautifull and long hair you not only need extra care but also a long time.