Tax Evaders won’t escape, says Ishaq Dar

Tax Evaders won’t escape, says Ishaq Dar

Islamabad: Pakistan Minister for Finance, Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar while Addressing a ceremony held here to conduct computerized balloting for audit tax year 2015 (income tax, sales tax and Federal Excise Duty) has said that the government would not tolerate tax evaders in any case and the time to come would be very difficult for them.

He however assured those tax payers who were paying their taxes honestly would be further facilitated and the FBR would treat them as a Friendly Board of Revenue.
He further said that those selected for audit should need not to be worried if they were honest tax payers.

He said due to hard efforts of the government, Pakistan succeeded to become a signatory of the multilateral Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and after becoming the member of OECD, Pakistan could now have access to information about the tax evaders anywhere in the world.

“That is why I am saying that tax evaders can not run anywhere and ultimately they must have to pay their taxes honestly otherwise they would have to face legal process”, Dar added.

He also directed the FBR officials not to bother the tax payers needlessly and they should not be dealt with heavy handedness, however he asked the FBR not to leave tax evaders in any case.

Similarly he added that the present government also had introduced a new Companies Act, 2016 according to which all the companies holders would be bound to maintain their global assets.

Ishaq Dar said that although the stakeholders were trying their hard to influence politically in order to stop this law but he hoped that very soon this act would be approved and would become a law.