Hyderabad (Web Desk): Indian police have arrested Telugu actor Sri Reddy for holding a semi-nude protest outside the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce.

Sri Reddy alleged that many producers and directors in Tollywood demanded her nude photos and videos for a film role, The News Minute reported.

Speaking to the media, Sri Reddy said, "So, if we come out (with the allegations), they call us prostitutes. I don't know about others. I don't speak about others. I have faced injustice. I have proof. They don't come out because they are afraid of the proof I have. I still say the Telugu film industry is my family. I can reject them if they deny me justice."

She went on to say, "All my parents' shame has gone. I have taken off all my clothes. No family will be happy with this. But I have removed all my clothes and I am standing on the road in front of so many men. But I am not thinking about my family. I am thinking about girls. From the beginning I have been saying this: you have to sleep, you have to sleep, you have to sleep. You have to prostitute, you have to prostitute, you have to prostitute. How many days? How long? We have to do naked video calls. We have to take photos of our breasts and private parts and send. Don't you elders feel ashamed to send messages like that? Heroes. Big stars. You fight on screen like big stars and you send messages like this. Don't we know how you are in person?"