Why Mahira hasn't stared with Hamza Ali Abbasi yet…!

Why Mahira hasn't stared with Hamza Ali Abbasi yet…!

Karachi (Web Desk): Famous actress Mahira Khan is much known to us but how much do we really know abouther? Turns out not a lot.

The Raees star answered in a Twitter session with her fans, all her fans queries and we have to admit, some answers was a surprise to us too!

10 things you can learn about Mahira here:

1) She'd rather have the superpower to heal or fly

2) Her taste in music is classic. Because Muhammad Rafi is otherworldly

3) She. Is. MORTAL! She's just like us, cuz guess what? Our phones' are never charged either! #Connection

4) She's got a few favourite pair of tees

5) Mahira is seriously indecisive

6) ... which explains why she and Hamza still haven't signed a project together

7) She has a few close people whom she relies on

8) Remember her uh-mazing Raees wardrobe? Even she wants her hands on those clothes!

9) She'd travel anywhere as long as she's with her son Azlan

10) She and Sanam were supposed to act together in Mahira's debut TV drama