Stunning entry of Ayesha Gulalai in NA

Stunning entry of Ayesha Gulalai in NA

Islamabad (Web Desk): Former MNA of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf  (PTI), Ayesha Gulalai into the National Assembly session today, wearing a traditional tribal turban in order to convey a message to other women to ask for their right and counter challenges manfully.

Earlier on Thursday she said that she is alone fighting a political party which is a mafia, in an apparent reference to her former political affiliation to Imran Khan's party.

Following today’s session, Gulalai spoke to media and said that she is in the right and will stay determined.

She commented, “For fighting men, a woman has to impersonate Razia Sultana.”

According to Gulalai, the PTI chairman is jealous of talent of youngsters.

Ayesha Gulalai had addressed the House in an earlier session and said she would not resign from her seat in the assembly. She had continued to deliver her address amid ruckus created from the PTI benches.

It is pertinent to mention that earlier this month, Gulalai had put allegations against Imran Khan for misconduct.