Lahore (Web Desk): After Meesha Shafi Armena Khan also breaks the silence and shared the incident of sexual harassment attempt.

According to details, Armeena Khan tweeted and shared an unpleasant incident of sexual harassment she faced. She wrote: I was in #Anarkali in Lahore in a burka (nobody knew who I was). I literally had my backside groped and breasts grabbed. NOT by one guy but by 2. Now, my family saw that and I asked them why? I was told it was a really common thing there. Did I deserve that?

In another tweet she said: Anyway, I’m done. I didn’t share my story for sympathy or judgement. I shared my experience from a regular girls point of view, so others can also speak up. The world is changing, all the misogynists on here - your time is up.